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Thanks for subscribing! We’ll send you updates on important stuff, like when our next book is coming out, or if we add more content to this page. We might also offer some sneak peaks to whet your appetite (or warn you) of our upcoming titles. Right now, we’re going to show you a little behind the scenes on how our book covers were made.

First up, is our newest book, Shallow Graves. Once again our artist was Albert Holaso.

Here’s a mock-up I drew myself:


And here’s Albert’s first sketches:




We liked the first one best. Albert fleshed it out and this is what he came up with:


After a few changes he added the color, and bam! A finished cover:


Blood Candy

You may not know this, but our first book has had three different covers! Back in 2011, when we didn’t have any money (we still don’t), we made our own book cover. It looked like this:


Before we got to that, there were a few others that were rejected. You might want to avert your eyes:


Yes, that’s a lollipop in a pool of blood. I took the picture myself, in my kitchen. That isn’t really blood. I don’t remember what I used. Ketchup? Hmm. Maybe it was blood…
Anyways, here’s an alternate version of the first cover:


It needs to be touched up some, but I think it’s pretty decent. In case it’s not clear, that’s supposed to be a drop of blood falling into… more blood? I have no idea.
A few months later, we decided to change the cover. While the original looks okay, it doesn’t convey a sense of fun. It looks really serious. Too serious.
cover3So we changed it to this:

This wasn’t exactly what we were looking for, but the image was free, so we went with it. Is that heart also a tongue? We may never know. Our names don’t appear at the bottom because neither of us can find the correct image file. Sorry!
It wasn’t until after we published our third book that we went back and redid the Blood Candy cover for the third time.
Here are some preliminary sketches:


And here’s the final cover:

Important safety lesson here, kids: hire a professional artist to do your covers!

Blood Slave

Blood Slave was the first book cover we had professionally done.
We hired artist Rodolfo Reyes. We liked what he did so much we had him do the third book cover and then the first one as well.
Here are some preliminary sketches:


We didn’t go with this one. The next pic might look more familiar.sketchBSbackgrnd
Blood Slave
This is still one of my favorite covers.

Blood Dreams

Our third book, and second cover by Reyes:

Blood dreams sketches


Blood Dreams
This cover always makes me smile. Probably because Jimmy is cowering behind Candy. Wait, is that Jimmy? Is it Blake? Maybe it’s Medium Dave? Or could it be Hunter? Regardless, it’s nice to see some other characters besides Candy. Can you guess which one is Felicia? Hint: She’s wearing green.

Werewolf High

We hired a new artist for our fourth book. Albert Holaso is an old college buddy I used to play Magic with. He’s also a talented artist.
Here is a mock-up of what we thought the cover should look like. I drew it myself.
Did I mention I studied art in college?


Here’s Albert’s first sketch. They’re almost identical!


Here’s two alternate sketches:



We really like this close up of Candy, but decided to go with the first sketch. Maybe we’ll do something with this in the future…




Pow! The finished product!
We hope you enjoyed this behind the scenes look, and we can’t wait to show you what’s next! Did you like what you saw? Hated it? Bored? Let us know what you think, and give us suggestions on what else you’d like to see here.

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