Blood Dreams

Blood Dreams is the third book in the Fangs Deep series.

Pursued by vampires, the Misfits are forced to leave New England.
Melvin and Felicia finally reveal their shifter forms, and Candy learns what makes her blood so special.


Blood dreams artwork

Vampires ruined her summer vacation . . . now she wants payback.
The time has come for Candy and her shapeshifter friends to take up arms–stakes, crossbows, holy water–whatever will send the bloodsuckers back to their graves. But hunting vampires isn’t an easy profession, and in the dark of night the shadows bite back.
The vampire families aren’t going to sit idly by and wait for destruction at the paws of lycans. With a freshly made army of bloodthirsty monsters, the vampires are prepared to wage war on all shapeshifters to get their revenge.
If Candy wants to destroy her enemies once and for all, a vampire girl named Anastasia may be her only chance at success. But the only guidance given to Candy is a series of bizarre dreams that reveal more about herself than she ever thought possible . . .


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